About Us

Saint Laurence, to whom this Church is dedicated, was one of the seven Deacons of Rome during the Pontificate of Sixtus 11 (257-8) and suffered martyrdom in A.D. 258 during the reign of Emperor Valerian who published edicts against Christians in the year 257. The Church dates from the late 2th Century. It holds 250 people comfortably. The organ, a two manual electrically blown instrument mainly by Vowles of Bristol underwent a major refurbishment by Keith Jones of Ruardean, in 2009. The bell tower contains six bells which are rung regularly by an enthusiastic and talented team of Ringers. Today the Benefice of East Harptree is linked with that of St. Mary, West Harptree and St. Margaret, Hinton Blewett, the three forming one United Parish with a central Parochial Church Council made up of elected representatives from the three villages in equal numbers. 

The Church has a digital audio mixing desk,  compact disc player/recorder and full public address facilities. A former BBC Producer is available to oversee recordings of Choirs, Orchestras, string quartets, etc. or performances of the spoken word.

Post production facilities are also available enabling master compact discs to be produced and
duplicates made for fund raising purposes.

There is currently major restoration and improvement of the church underway - please see https://eharptreechurch.co.uk