Church of England Diocese of Bath & Wells Wrington

Views from Redhill

Previously I spoke of the intent of Redhill Church to observe 11 days of special prayer for the concerns of our community; between 30th May and 9th June. I asked, anyone who wished, to note their concerns on cards that you can find on the side altar in Redhill church. We are still very keen that you might do this, to make our prayers relevant to as wide a group of people in Redhill as possible. Please help us in this, but also, if you go into the church, note the concerns expressed on those cards. You may like to join us in praying for those issues, either in the privacy of your own home or in church at 9am on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the above dates.

Whilst our focus is absolutely on the concerns of the people of Redhill, there are a number of global issues that are also troubling the people of our community. Though BREXIT continues to dominate the headlines, there is no denying a growing concern over our environment. We live in a beautiful part of a beautiful country, but even here the impact of pollution from the airport and the A38 are making themselves ever more obvious, as are the ever more frequent ‘freak’ weather events associated with Global Warming. We hear alarming reports about the impact of plastic waste and the alarming number of species going extinct each year. People are genuinely concerned about the quality of life we are leaving our children and grand children. These may be global issues for which global solutions are required, but they are having a local impact and concern local people. These too must be included in the concerns that we will raise in our prayers.

As you can now see, this is a serious and worthy initiative in which I would like to invite all to be involved. Prayer is a personal and a mysterious undertaking, in which we seek God’s help and His guidance. Everyone has their own way of praying and their own understanding of how prayer works, so, without being prescriptive as to how, can I invite you to join us in dedicating a certain amount of time each day between 30th May and 9th June to prayer about these issues.

Let us pray that God in His wisdom will bring us the joy and the hope of His promised Kingdom, protecting and sustaining all of His creation, for today and generations to come.

May this time of prayer be a blessing on us and all of our community.


Rev’d Andrew Hemming, Priest for Redhill