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Views from Redhill

This article is entitled ‘Views from Christ Church’ but if instead, you have been looking ‘At’ Christ Church over the later half of July you will have noticed scaffolding over the Tower and Vestry. Over time everything degrades and the parapet walls around the Tower and Vestry Roofs are no exception. Mike, Ben and James have been working to repair the damage caused over time and ensure the rain does not get in. In the case of the Vestry roof, to stop the rain getting in. We are very grateful for their hard and skilful work.

Some have asked the question ‘Is it worth it? Should we not have given this money; and it has cost over £10,000; to some worthy cause, to someone in real and desperate need’. It’s a good question. We do give about £1,500 to various good charities each year, which is 10% of our total income. Have we got these proportions right?

The money people give us, in Sunday Collections and one-off donations, is given for the upkeep and maintenance of our church, and that is what we use it for, other than the 10%, which we give to charity in gratitude for all the blessings we receive. Whether that is a wise use of that money depends on how much you value having a church at the heart of our community.

From what I see of the relationship between the general community and our church, it is clear that it is extremely important to most, if not all. The building, speaks of a strong and resilient hope, a hope that goes far beyond our capabilities or understanding. Living in a time when there is serious concern over the outcome of BREXIT and a tangible fear over what may be happening to our planet, such hope is incredibly important. All generations worry about their part in the history of humankind and so I believe it was that very hope that inspired the building of this church and all the works carried out on it ever since. Certainly, the congregation today is very proud to be playing its part in maintaining this great symbol of hope for all of our community, today and tomorrow.

Long may it be an encouragement for everyone who lives in, or passes through, Redhill.

May the love of God and the hope of Jesus Christ be a blessing in your life


Rev’d Andrew Hemming, Priest for Redhill