About Us

At Holy Trinity Nailsea we believe passionately that the local Church is the hope of the world. We are therefore committed to building a mission community within which each member is nurtured in the truth of God’s word and the power of God’s Spirit, and so equipped to bear witness to Christ in a broken world.

We are a family church with members drawn from all sorts of backgrounds and ways of life.

Belonging is never passive. Within the fellowship of the Church we are filled with a passion to be devoted to God, each other and a broken world.


Our vision is emerging to shape our church life going forward. In effect we have two aims for all our church members:

Growing as Disciples - We believe that God has plans for each one of us – to make us more like Jesus. We want to work together so that we are growing as the disciples our Father wants us to be.

Making a Difference – We believe that Jesus wants us to shine brightly for him in our locality. We want to take opportunities to be a positive influence on those around us, that they too might see Jesus.

We believe that this vision applies to all ages. We want children as much as anyone to be growing as disciples and making a difference to the lives of those around them.

Our prayer is that over the coming weeks and months this vision will take shape and help us focus on where God is leading us as we step out in faith and in our service of him.


WORSHIP our awesome & loving God

LIVE OUT our faith in God

BELONG to a caring community

SERVE out of love for others

SHARE the good news of Jesus