Normally 9:00am to 4:00pm daily

Getting here

Westonzoyland is a busy thriving community with the tall tower of St Mary's Church standing at its centre, visible for many miles around.
Westonzoyland stands on what was once a small island surrounded by peat marsh lying in a basin called the Somerset Levels. Glastonbury Abbey owned this Island by the early 8th centuary.
The date of the first building on the site of St Mary's Church is not known, but there was a chapel there in 1268 when the Abbot of Glastonbury agreed to repair and maintain its chancel. More detailed information on the history of the Church can be found in pamphlets available there.
Westonzoyland and St Mary's Church have close associations with the Battle of Sedgemoor fought around the village on 6th July 1685. Some 500 prisoners, many wounded, were incarcerated in the Church overnight following the battle. More details and a visitors centre are to be found within the Church and around the village. A browse through the pamphlets and display boards can lead to an enjoyable hour's stroll around the village and battlefield memorial following the Family Activity Trail

Major repairs and re-ordering have been carried out Sept 2015 to July 2016 and the church is now open once more daily 9am - 4pm.

 Our Rector is Rev. Dr Jane Sutton who can be contacted on 01823 491529


Main Road

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