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VE Day

29 Apr 2020, 9:45 p.m.
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Why are we celebrating VE Day?

VE Day stands for Victory in Europe Day, which took place on Tuesday, May 8 in 1945.

It marked the end of World War II and was the day on which allied forces announced the surrender of Germany in Europe.

The day before, Germany had surrendered, while Hitler had committed suicide a week earlier.

This left Grand Admiral Donitz of the German army to admit defeat and surrender Nazi Germany.

75 years later, Business Secretary Greg Clark said it is important we continue to 'honour our heroes'.

Crowds celebrated VE Day in Trafalgar Square in 1945

He said: "It will ensure as many people as possible have the opportunity to remember and honour our heroes of the Second World War and reflect on the sacrifices of a generation."

Sir Andrew Gregory, chief executive of SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, added: "It is our duty to keep the events of the past alive in collective memory, including future generations - this is how we ensure that such a conflict never happens again.

"It is our hope that the nation takes a moment to reflect on the significance of this date, as a milestone that changed the course of history for the whole world.”