About Us

St James is a town centre church with an evangelical tradition. Aspects of other traditions are also incorporated. These include charismatic revival and non-conformist. Rooted in scripture, led by the spirit and called to mission in the widest sense.

Worship at the main services is led by a band and singers, with a digital piano (not guitars) as the main instrument.

Refreshments are available both before and after the service (even during the service if you are in need!).

We are very informal. If the thought of trying out a church worries you, just come along a few minutes before the service starts and someone will look after you and explain how things work. Don't be afraid of doing something wrong - there are no rules or expectations. Just ask if you are unsure about something.

The creche facility is in the church, so parents attending little ones can still participate in the service as much as possible. Enjoy the sofas!

Sunday Club meets in the church hall for primary and early secondary age children, at the same time as the 10:30 service.

Most church members belong to a home group; these groups meet on different days of the week, so there should be one to suit you.

There are lots of other activities, and many members are involved in a range of inter-church social action across the town. Please see our website for more information.

There is a small church car park in front of the church tower (enter via the Medical Centre in Coal Orchard road). for services, we try to reserve this for older people and those in wheelchairs. The council's Coal Orchard car park is just across the road.