Church of England Diocese of Bath & Wells Holy Trinity, Taunton

News from the Chruch w.c. 18/07/21

16 Jul 2021, 12:45 a.m.
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<div>Covid Restrictions The PCC will be</div><div>considering the relaxation of restrictions and</div><div>how they affect us here at their meeting this</div><div>week. Recognising that there is a lot of</div><div>concern about Covid with rising infections and deaths,</div><div>there will be NO immediate change to our precautions,</div><div>but these will be phased in over the next six weeks or so,</div><div>and in line with C of E advice. Caution is the watchword!</div><div>Flowers today have very kindly been</div><div>donated by Anne and Peter Kearle to</div><div>commemorate his late parents’ wedding</div><div>anniversary. Last week’s were the very kind</div><div>gift of Aart Dourleyn.</div><div>Outlook Any copy for the August edition to</div><div>George Coles by Wednesday this week,</div><div>please. It is always far better to have homeproduced</div><div>material than copy ‘off the shelf’!</div><div>The Parochial Church Council will meet on 21</div><div>July, hopefully in the Church Hall, at 7.30pm.</div><div>Members, please note the date (previously</div><div>advised); agendas have been circulated.</div><div>Baptism It is wonderful news that people</div><div>are once again bringing their babies for</div><div>baptism! There will be a baptism today at</div><div>12noon, and next Sunday (when restrictions will be</div><div>partially lifted) at 11.30am.</div><div>Discussion Group Our monthly</div><div>discussion group will meet (safely) in</div><div>the hall this Thursday at 7.30pm, when</div><div>we shall be looking at the controversial and difficult</div><div>subjects of resuscitation, assisted dying, and euthanasia.</div>