About Us

 <span style="font-size: 1rem;">St Bartholomew’s, Oake village church, is beautiful in its simplicity and peaceful in its location on the edge of the village.</span>

A great deal of history sits within the church walls; embracing the Saxons, the Domesday Book, the Black Death and the Tudors - who did not know which way the King would want them to worship. In 1535 the monks from Taunton Priory ensured the preservation of a beautiful arched window from their derelict monastery by carrying it to St Bartholomew’s (though if you look carefully you will see that it was installed the wrong way round!)

This little sacred church and its grounds are well loved and cared for, respecting its historic traditions as well as embracing more modern group worship in its new meeting space in the south aisle.

The church is part of the Deane Vale Benefice. https://deanevalechurches.org.uk

To enquire about Baptisms, Weddings, Banns and Funerals visit https://deanevalechurches.org.uk/baptisms-weddings-funerals/