About Us

“The Transit Church”, built in 1628 by the Stones family as a chapel of Ease within the Croston Parish the church became the parish church in 1641 following an act of Parliament and deeds signed by King Charles 1st.  The church is built in Dutch Brick which was used as ballast in transport ships plying their trade between the local villages and Holland. The building has been described as “one of the nicest churches in Lancashire” and it is indeed a very peaceful place to visit or to worship in.

This ancient church was the centre of attention during the Transit of Venus as the church where Jeremiah Horrocks was the Bible Clerk. He carried out the first measurements of the Transit in 1639 across the road at Carr House in between his Sunday Church duties. The church and churchyard reflect the history of the villages of Hoole and Walmer Bridge and the building still holds 17th century woodcraft such as the pulpit and some of the pews.

The font was carved from a solid block of stone in 1633 and bears the name of the benefactor. The extensions which were made in the 18th and 19th century show a remarkable sensitivity to the history of this beautiful church. In the bell tower we have carillon style of ring with 10 bells which is used regularly. Access is easy and we do utilise a loop system.