Dementia Friendly Church

With an ageing population, Dementia is affecting more and more people ~ it touches the lives of not only those with Dementia but also those who love and care for them.

As part of our Mission Action Plan we are exploring ways that we can become a more Dementia friendly church.

We acknowledge that we are only at the start of this journey, however we are committed to learn more about how we can practically support those in our parish who are either directly or indirectly impacted by Dementia.

We have made a start in a number of areas:

· Organising a Dementia Awareness event involving our church members and friends from other local churches ~ attended by Pam from Admiral Nurses who are part of the Alzheimer’s Society.

· Undertaking simple ‘audit’ of our church building to identify how we can make it more Dementia friendly.

· Engaging with other churches in Penwortham to identify opportunities for joint activities.

· Improving links with the Dementia Care Home located in our Parish, including holding special communion services in the Home.

· Planning to hold special church services at Saint Leonard’s

· Exploring ways we may be able to support a proposed local Dementia Choir.

If you have any ideas how we can take this work forward please don’t hesitate to contact the Vicar.