About Us

St Anne's is one of three Christian churches in the village of Fence-in-Pendle, and together with the Methodist and Inghamite churches we aim to be a community of people that demonstrates the reality of God in our life.

We exist to:

* Worship God
* Help one another to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ
* Live out our faith in our daily lives
* Make the world a better place
* Introduce others to Jesus Christ

We meet to worship God as a whole community on Sunday mornings, with separate activities for children and adults. Through our prayer, Bible study and learning together we aim to become the people God designed us to be, and to make his love known in his world.

We serve the local community and beyond mainly through the skills and interests of our church members. For instance, some are engaged in work with children; some promote the needs of developing countries. We believe that God calls people to serve in huge variety of ways and gives them the gifts and skills needed.

Are you conscious of his call to you?