About Us

Saint Mary's was built in 1846, by Trawden people, for everyone in Trawden. Saint Mary's is here for all times in our lives, the happy events, and to be alongside us in our times of trouble.

Everyone in England lives in a Parish of the Church of England and has a right to the services and care of their Parish. Saint Mary's is the church for Trawden. People may have been married at Saint Mary's or had a child baptised here. Others may discover that earlier members of their family were associated with Saint Mary's. On the other hand some may have recently arrived in Trawden. In any event you will be very welcome.

Your Church in Trawden may be small in numbers, but we have got a lot to offer to the village.

Baptisms are particularly welcome, and there is no charge.  Whilst we are In Vacancy please contact one of our church wardens Sheila Walker on 01282 866288 or [email protected], to arrange a date.  The same contact details apply for weddings and funerals.

The Peace Garden (between St. Mary's Vicarage and the Churchyard) offers a place for silent reflection. Have you visited it yet ?

There are also remembrance walls located between the graveyard and the peace garden.  If you would like a loved one to be remembered here please contact the church warden.

We share a vicar with two other local churches, and other local and retired clergy take some of the services for us.

The Church costs a lot to maintain in good repair and we receive no support outside of the Village.  Some villagers, who may not be regular church goers, kindly contribute to a fund dedicated to ensuring that the Church is still open in 100 years time.

The Church plays an integral part in the life of Trawden and is involved with Trawden Agricultural Show on the second Sunday in August, and Trawden Garden Festival.

Safeguarding of young people and vulnerable adults is the top priority of the PCC.  Any concerns should be discussed with the Safeguarding Officer Katie John. Alternatively the Vicar or either of the Church Wardens can help.