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Memorial Book

Blessed Virgin Mary - Memorial Book

As with most Church of England Churches, Hambleton Parish Church has a memorial or rememberance book.

An entry is made in the book to record the names persons who have had their ashes scattered or buried in the consecrated grounds of the churchyard, this is because there is no headstone as with those who are buried.

Our memorial book is kept in church near the votive candle holder and organ, in a glass-topped bookcase dedicated to the memory of William and Mary Paterson.

Each day of the year has a page on which entries are made of:- the name, age, and year of death of the person noted.Two pages are visible at any time.

The churchwardens make the appropriate pages available to view during each day of the year.

Mrs Linda Shipway currently makes the calligraphic inscriptions, the previous scribe was Mrs Carol Tooth, other previous scribes were Ms Mary Swarbrick who died 2008, and Mr Cyril Head who died in 2009, both now have an entry  the book.

Since only two pages are visiible at any time, an alphabetical and chronological list of all the entries is available, this allows data with regard to each entry to be seen.  This list can be seen in church or emailed to you. A copy of any page of the memorial book can be made available for a donation of £2.00.  Please use the "Donations Page" and  specify "Memorial Page" and quote the name of the deceased


Colin Addison