About Us

Longridge church has an active congregation that seeks to serve the whole town. We work hard to offer services and support for people of all ages. We start with newborns with our weekly parent and toddler group that also includes singing some Christian songs, right up to our services and visits to nursing homes for the elderly. We are blessed to have a super church school, and a particular strength of the church is its work with children and young people. 

Alongside this work we also seek to care for those in need of all ages and seek to have a range of quieter services. Evensong, with its words dating back to 1662, is popular with many people who like to enjoy the stillness of this traditional service.

To find out more about our church, please do look at the website and read through the ‘Log’. If you have any questions, click the link to contact us, and we will be more than happy to help in any way we can.