About Us

For well over a century Christ Church has been the spiritual home for countless numbers of people who have sought God. It has shared in the joys and sorrows, the ordinary and the extraordinary in people’s lives and stands today as a testament to the continuing catholic faith proclaimed afresh in this and every generation.

The first stage of the building was completed in 1873, it was enlarged in 1901 and the tower added in 1908-9. From the 1920’s onwards the tradition of the parish has been firmly rooted in the Catholic tradition of the Church of England, with daily prayer and the Eucharist at the heart of all we do. The Mass times are below, but please check our website for further information of these and other church activities.


Sunday        Mass                     10.00am (under normal circumstances, Mass is also celebrated at 8.00am)


Monday        Mass                     7.00pm

Tuesday        Mass                    12 noon

Wednesday  Mass                     9.15am

Thursday      Mass                     7.15pm

Friday            Mass                     9.15am

Saturday       Mass                    9.15am

                     Sacrament of Reconciliation by appointment


You are welcome at all our worship.