About Us

The parishioners of St. Peter's Church, Leck join with St John the Baptist, Tunstall on the first and third Sundays of the month.  If there is a fifth Sunday in the month all six churches have a joint service somewhere in the Benefice.  Please check in Special Events to find out details. Please also check service times and extra activities at times such as Christmas and Easter. Details can be found on our website 'Benefice of East Lonsdale'. 

There has been a church on this site since 1610, the first being a tiny single story building with no tower.  This would have been the building that was too small for both the congregation and the girls of the Clergy Daughters School before it was expanded in 1825 and a small tower added.  The Brontë Sisters became pupils at the school which was moved from Leck to Casterton in 1834 and still exists today.  A much larger church and tower was built in 1879 by Payley & Austin but unfortunately much of this was burned down in 1913 as a result of a lamp which was left burning after organ practice which ignited a curtain.  As the church was over-insured the current church, number 4, was quickly re-built by Potts & Co of Leeds and a spire was added.  Most of the Victorian glass survived the fire and has been retained.  A few years later a very fine Harrison & Harrison organ was added.  There are 'fever' graves in the churchyard and for the years 1820-1829 and 1840-1849 records show that 50% of all deaths were of children under 10.  The cause of death was often 'consumption' or 'scrophulus' (i.e. tuberculosis).