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 Welcome to the St Andrew’s!

 God’s people at St Andrew’s are a welcoming, warm, friendly, and supportive family, which rejoices in being inclusive, and which celebrates being made up of various ages and having a real care for its frailer and tender members. You are invited to come along!


God bless you richly with all his good graces.

As a parish church we have adopted the House of Bishops' 'Promoting a Safer Church' policy and the Parish Safeguarding Handbook, incorporating the House of Bishops' Safeguarding Policy and Practice Guidance. On 14th July 2019 St Andrew's Parish Church Council (PCC) formally adopted this and the Safeguarding Policy Statement Promoting a Safer Church. We have displayed the Promoting a Safer Church poster prominently within our church. All those working with children and adults at risk have undergone safer recruitment, and received safeguarding training and support. The Safeguarding Officer's details, and those of the Child Advocate, along with the stated documents are visible and easily available for anyone who wishes to read them. Please also see the facet of this site which provides more detail.

Rev’d Jayne Ward, M.A.