Baptism is about the declaration of promises and the welcoming of a child or adult into God’s family.

At St Mary’s Church, we offer baptisms both in and outside of the church service. There may be more than one baptism taking place at a time.

During the baptism service, the parents and godparents are asked to make promises, as the child is unable to speak for themselves. An adult being baptised will be expected to make these promises for themselves.

Traditionally, there are usually three godparents; two of the same gender as the child and one of the opposite gender. Godparents are supposed to be baptised and confirmed. However, people may be godparents providing they have been baptised.

If you wish to be baptised or have your child baptised, please come along to the 10am service, where you will receive a warm welcome and be able to meet one of the Baptism Team, the vicar or the church warden, who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Baptism packs are available at the church office.

If you would like to discuss this further you are welcome to e-mail [email protected]