Church of England Diocese of Bristol St. Aidan with St. George Bristol


The Church of St Aidan with St George Bristol is committed to being a Safeguarding Church, and promotes respectful pastoral ministry, and works to ensure the safeguarding and protection of all children, young people, and at risk adults.

The Church adopts all Safeguarding Policies which includes the reporting of all serious incidents (safeguarding and non safeguarding) to the Charity Commission, ensuring that we act in accordance with the new arrangements set out in the New House of Bishops guidance.

The church adopts all safeguarding policies and commits to meet all criteria within the Diocese of Bristol “Safer Recruitment and Guidance and Toolkit”.

Further information can be found on the Diocese of Bristol website:- Look under Diocese of Bristol Policies and Procedures.

The Parish Safeguarding Officer for St Aidan with St George is:-

Pete Tucker, please contact him on(m) 07813 195815 or email: [email protected]

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