About Us

Part of our mission statement says:

"We are called to be a diverse community of faith; thankfully worshipping God; joyfully witnessing to His love in Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit, serving the people of Yate, Westerleigh and Waply."

We are a very mixed bunch of people. We have different ideas about God, about faith and about church life. Sometimes we get on, sometimes we don't. But we are learning and growing in different ways and want to become more effective as individual Christians and as a church together.

As a Church of England church there is variety in what we offer - from the traditional and formal to the contemporary and informal.
Different kinds of worship for different people.

If you'd like to meet us informally, then come and have a coffee with us. The Youth Centre outside the church is open Sundays from 9:00am to about 12:30.

This website is updated infrequently. For the most up-to-date information from St. Mary's, please see our own website at