Church of England Diocese of Bristol Christ Church Swindon

Not back to normal – planning for a better future

27 May 2020, 11 a.m.

Martin Palmer stresses the importance of those of faith to join together and practically respond to the social and economic consequences of the pandemic.

Martin is the CEO of FaithInvest. The International Network on Conservation and Religion (INCR) which is an information and development hub working on supporting faith and conservation – including CelebrationEarth. Martin is Chair of the Board. The creation within WWF International of a worldwide programme called Beliefs and Values of which Martin is Senior Advisor.

He is also a senior advisor to the Pope on post-COVID developments as well as being a member of the Pope’s Post-COVID Commission. He is designing with the UN a specific faith programme of long term plans by upwards of a hundred faiths traditions on climate change and wider ecological and economic issues as preparations for COP 26 and beyond and is a special advisor to the British Government on faiths and COP 26.

Martin is a regular broadcaster on the BBC especially on In Our Time and Beyond Belief programmes. He is also the foremost translator of Classical Chinese texts for Penguin Classics. He is Visiting Professor in Religion, History and Nature at the University of Winchester and a Fellow of the Club of Rome.