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Elmsted lies deep in the North Downs of East Kent surrounded by the parishes of Hastingleigh, Waltham, Stelling Minnis, Lyminge and Stowting. One of its boundaries runs along Stone Street a Roman road between Lympne and Canterbury. It is often missed by travelers as there is no village centre and 230 people live in about 100 dwellings scattered around the parish. Within Elmsted are the hamlets of Bodsham, Northleigh and Evington Leas and various so called ´streets´ where small collections of dwellings are located such as Hill Street, Whatsole Street, Maxted Street and Misling Street. There is no shop or doctor but there is one pub, the Timber Batts and a Church of England Primary School both situated in the hamlet of Bodsham. The school has just over 80 pupils and has recently joined in Federation with Saltwood School. The Christian ethos of the school is reflected in the way each child is valued and the respect and understanding evident between pupils, and between pupils and staff. A family service is held at the school on the 2nd Sunday of the month.