About Us

Pedlinge is a hamlet on the edge of the village of Saltwood in Kent. It has its own church, though this is officially classified as a District Chapel-of-Ease since Pedlinge is part of the parish of Saltwood, and not a parish in its own right.

The heart of the community is a collection of buildings comprising the church, a house, and two cottages. Nearby is the rear-entrance gatehouse to Sandling Park,though the gatehouse dwelling is currently derelict.

The main house, Sandling Park, was also derelict for some time, but was rebuilt by the owner of the Sandling Estate, Alan Hardy. The house is still occupied by Mrs Carolyn Hardy OBE VMH.

The community is dominated by Sandling Park, a large house and estate named after Saltwood's other hamlet, Sandling. The chapel at Pedlinge is traditionally the place of worship of the estate workers and was built by the Hardy's.

The estate stretches from Sandling to Pedlinge and is still owned and farmed in its entirety by the Hardy Family.

On the first Sunday of the month, there is a service of Holy Communion at Pedlinge Chapel. Services are also held on the major festivals.