Donate to St. Catherine's

As Archbishop Justin said when our church buildings closed, the Church of England is not closing

down – but Church is changing. In spite of the circumstances we are thriving, and we are grateful for

the faithful ministry of Simon, Dan and all our licensed clergy. Our prayer group continue to pray for 

our community and the wider world, our choir continues to sing but individually, our children 

continue to meet up to learn about God, but online.

Unfortunately our finances are badly affected by the Coronavirus crisis. Our income from

lettings of the Schoolroom, and the cancellation of the Tulip Tree Fete in particular leave a

significant gap in our income.

St Catherine’s is a strong and committed community. When all this is over things will be

different, but we will still be here. We will still be active and we will still be welcoming. At

this time we need your help to make that happen. We know this is a difficult time for all of

us, however if you are able to make a donation at this time it will make a huge difference.

Thank you again for all you do for St Catherine’s. Without your faithful support our church would

not be here, serving our community here in Faversham.

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