Church of England Diocese of Canterbury Sandhurst

Daily Scripture & Reflection

13 Nov 2020, 8:45 a.m.
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Daily Scripture

‘Blessed be the Lord, for he has heard the voice of my prayer.

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart has trusted in him and I am helped;

Therefore my heart dances for joy and in my song will I praise him.

Save your people and bless your inheritance; shepherd them and carry them for ever.’ (Psalm 28:7-11)

Daily Reflection:

Like Psalm 23 the other day, this Psalm refers to a shepherd – someone who cares, nurtures, protects, guides. This psalmist also speaks of God hearing his prayers; being his strength and his shield; the knowledge of this causes his heart to dance with joy and to sing praises to God. In these days of lockdown, when we might feel alone; in these days when many are grieving (for loved ones or for normal life), when they might feel alone – there should be reassurance from knowing that God is there. He hears our prayers when we cry out to Him. But we need to take a step towards God; we need to cry out to Him; and then give ourselves space and time to listen.

Revd David