Church of England Diocese of Canterbury Sandhurst

Daily Scripture & Reflection

31 Mar 2021, 8:45 a.m.
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Daily Scripture:

At that moment, while he was still speaking, the cock crowed. The Lord turned and looked at Peter. Then Peter remembered the word of the Lord, how he had said to him, ‘Before the cock crows today, you will deny me three times.’ And he went out and wept bitterly(Luke 22:60b-62)

Daily Reflection:

Jesus knew that Peter, one of the closest disciples of Jesus, would deny knowing him; that he would do so three times before the sun came the next day. Earlier they had shared the Passover meal together; Peter had been at Gethsemane as Jesus wept bitterly over what lay ahead; he’d been there when Jesus was arrested; he was there as Jesus is questioned at the start of the mock trial. After three years together, Peter denies having anything to do with Jesus - ‘Woman, I do not know him.’ All Jesus does is look at Peter, still with eyes of love, and Peter knows; he breaks down; he has let his Lord down. Don’t make the same mistake as Peter. If someone asks you about Jesus, if you know him, do not carry the guilt of denying him.

And yet..... Jesus will continue to love you whatever you say. “Amazing love, how can it be?...”

Revd David