About Us


At All Saints’ Loose we are passionate about knowing Jesus and making Jesus known. Since God first loved us, we long to grow in our love for him, and each other. This means, we are committed to listening to and sharing God’s written word, the Bible. You can read about some of our core Bible-based beliefs here.

If you would like to learn more, the best way to do that is to join us on a Sunday morning. You don’t need to share these beliefs to come along – we love to welcome visitors who are exploring the Christian faith and run courses designed for those wanting to explore what Christianity is about.

Three basic characteristics describe us:

We are a Christian church. We are a group of people who gather together (we’re a church) because of our shared faith in and love for Jesus (we’re Christians). We believe in one God who has made himself known to us, supremely, through his Son, Jesus Christ. Knowing God the Father comes through trusting in Jesus who died on the cross that our sins might be forgiven and rose again to reign as King. The great work of God the Holy Spirit is to bring people to faith in Jesus. Knowing Jesus rose from the dead gives us the sure hope we will be with God forever when we die.

We are an evangelical church. We believe that the Bible is God’s inspired, authoritative, and trustworthy message to all people and is the definitive guide for us in all matters of truth, faith and conduct. We believe that by God’s Holy Spirit, the study and exposition of the Bible is the principal means through which God transforms our lives. We therefore seek to apply the teaching of the Bible to every area of our lives.

We are an Anglican church. We are part of the Church of England and stand in the tradition of her 16th century Reformers, holding with them to the great biblical truths that were rediscovered at the time of the Reformation, including: the sovereignty of God in salvation, justification by faith alone and salvation in Christ alone. However, we have church members from many different denominational backgrounds and we unite under Christ, not under one particular denominational banner.