About Us

We are a church community doing our best to follow the example of Jesus Christ in loving God, his creation and all who live in it as faithfully as possible.  Our vision is of a church which is fully involved in serving the community to which it belongs.  We aim to provide a safe and warm place which offers the welcome, hospitality and unconditional love of Christ to all who enter our doors.

We welcome each and everyone of you to our church and to our worship.

We are an Eco Church and caring for God's creation is a priority for us.


Every Sunday 10am - Holy Communion 

First Sunday 8am - Holy Communion

Thursday 9:30am - Holy Communion

Monday, Thursday & Friday 8am - Morning Prayer

Parish Safeguarding Officer for Vulnerable Adults and Children: Caroline Brewster  [email protected]

Safeguarding Policy and current Policy Statement (reviewed annually) is on our website: www.stmartinsmaidstone.org.uk

Church Warden: Chris Charles [email protected]

Church Warden: Len Bond [email protected]