About Us

Saint Martin’s Church is part of a Mission Community made up of the following:

Brampton Area Network Youth Church.

The Benefice of Lanercost with Walton, Gilsland and Nether Denton

Brampton and Gilsland Methodist Churches

The Benefice of Eden, Gelt and Irthing Team Ministry

In short, we are seeking to implement the Carlisle Diocese God for All strategy. Sharing resources to engage in Mission and Evangelism.

The Mission Community recognises the significance of chaplaincies, work in schools, youth work and many forms of pastoral work and social action communicating God’s love to the wider community.

Developing our Mission Community is about re-imagining ministry, putting Jesus’ Great Commission to “make disciples of all nations” at the top of our agenda.


Our resources are our message, our people (their gifts, talents, abilities, experience and knowledge), our buildings and finance, etc.


Priorities for mission to strengthen existing church life and worship (InReach); building up the prayer life, faith and understanding of those who come to church:

Christian nurture courses (e.g. Alpha, Christianity Explored, Difference)

Increasing commitment of laity to attend public worship

Encourage home Bible reading/personal prayer/Home group involvement

Preaching/Teaching about mission

Enable lay people to exercise God given gifts and talents

Encouraging lay participation in and leadership of services

Adding to the faith of young people (of all ages)

Priorities for mission to connect with people beyond our existing church life (OutReach):

Identifying the age group(s) we are not reaching

Work in/with schools

Chaplaincy Work (Brampton Hospital, Airport, British Legion, etc.)

Developing pastoral support for the wider community

Engaging in Social action

Develop online Mission Community presence

Social and fundraising events

Plans to Sustain and Develop missional engagement:

Develop confidence of the laity to engage in mission

Developing Mission Community and parishes online presence

Support funding for ongoing NYC and schools work

Appoint Mission Community admin support

Ways to monitor “success” of our ongoing mission strategy:

Increased attendance figures

Stewardship: levels of giving

Additional lay worship leaders, preachers, etc.

Vocations to recognised ministries

Changes in “church culture”

The aim of the Mission Community is to re-imagine ministry. It is not to add to our workload, but to put mission and outreach at the top of our agenda. And having done so, to keep it there!

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, … baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” (Matthew 28:19, NIV)

Revd Stephen Robertson

8th June 2020