The Church Office is located at St Barnabas Church, Brookside , Carlisle

Vestry Hour is on Mondays (except 5th Monday and Bank Holidays) between 6 and 7pm alternately at St Luke's, Stonegarth, Morton and St Barnabas for Baptisms and Weddings and general requests. Vestry Hour is currently suspended.Please contact Parish Office with any requests.

 Services are held at 10am on Sundays at St Barnabas Church and at 10.30am at St Luke's 

Getting here

The "new" Holy Trinity Church,Carlisle was consecrated on 11th December 1982 after the "old" church, which stood on the island in Caldewgate beside Carr's Biscuit factory, had to be demolished.

We are a small and friendly "middle of the road" church. Although we look like a boring breeze-block building from the outside, please come inside where it is warm wood and a warm welcome.We also have a lovely Fenwick Lawson sculpture of the Holy Trinity. Some of our services are traditional, others are contemporary. 

Unfortunately Holy Trinity Church is closing. See Closure Notice on News page

St Barnabas Church is a Grade II listed building. It was built by Laing in 1935 to serve the Raffles estate, but has recently been refurbished (June 2016) to provide a social area with small kitchen and toilets as well as redecoration of the church itself. The old curved oak pews have been replaced by more comfortable chairs. 

St Luke's Church, Morton was consecrated on 2nd April 1960. It is a light and airy modern church with two large halls which can be hired and a modern kitchen. The rather uncomfortable pews have been replaced with chairs donated by St Paul's Church. There is also a car park.

c/o St Barnabas Church

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