About Us



Christ Church is one of two parish churches in the Parish of Penrith, the other being St Andrew's Church. 

Our Location

Christ Church lies on the Northern edge of the busy market town of Penrith. Situated between Scotland Road and Drovers Lane and set in a quiet walled churchyard, it provides a peaceful haven from the bustle of everyday life in the heart of the rightly named Vale of Eden.  The churchyard itself has been closed for many years, but we have a special remembrance garden which is open for the interment of ashes, with a sandstone memorial.

A warm welcome awaits you whether you are a regular worshipper, newly come to the area or just visiting whilst holidaying in the lake district and the friendly congregation are happy to help you enjoy your time with us.


Recent Renovations

In 2011, Christ Church underwent a major restructuring and the central two rows of old Victorian pews were removed and replaced with comfortable seating which can easily be moved to create different environments for worship or to provide an open area in the centre of the church.


Baptisms and Weddings

Christ Church is regularly chosen for local weddings and offers many photogenic settings amidst the trees and flowers of the gardens. We have regular Baptism services where we welcome new members to the family of God and to a new life in Christ.