About Us

(For more information on current and future events, please go to our main website: http://www.holytrinitylangdale.org.uk/)

As the only church in the valley, everyone is welcome at Holy Trinity whether they are of a different Christian tradition or none at all. In holiday times services are designed to be family friendly. There is a table at the back for children to do various related activities if they wish to. Stockinged feet are totally acceptable, and there are mats for dogs. It is our privilege to extend hospitality to our many visitors both regular and occasional. In Summer an extra informal service is held on Sunday evenings which does not conflict with a day's walking or sight-seeing.

Would-be or experienced Bellringers are invited to join the regular band, either for the Wednesday evening practice or at 10am before the Sunday service - please telephone the Bell Tower Captain, Graham Stirrup on 015394 37216 for further details.

The building itself is well worth a visit in its own right. It is open between 9am and 5pm daily. Please come in at any tatime to pray, or simply to savour the atmosphere of a typical lakeland country church. Don't miss the St Francis window designed by a local craftsman, or the renowned Millennium Tapestry created at the turn of the century by a wide cross section of the whole community under the supervision and direction of a local artist. Outside are three notable graves:- of George Macaulay Trevelyan, of Wiiliam Irwin, founder of the Lakeland Fiddlers', and of a near relative of Wordsworth's which bears an epitaph by him. For further details there are guidebooks available in the back of the church.

For more information on current and future events (including the possibility of marrying or organising a baptism at Holy Trinity), please go to our main website: http://www.holytrinitylangdale.org.uk/