Church of England Diocese of Carlisle St. Mary, Rydal

OPENING THE DOORS! Re-Opening St. Mary`s for Worship

19 Jul 2020, 11:45 a.m.

Sunday Worship at St. Mary`s resumes on Sunday 2nd August at 9.30am: Holy Communion.

You will be most welcome.

Under the current Government guidelines we are asked to bear the following things in mind:

• We are asked to maintain `social distancing` of Two Metres.

• • We are encouraged to wear a Face covering.

• All are welcome- those with underlying health conditions are asked to exercise discretion.

• Singing is not recommended for the time being- though we hope to have musical accompaniment.

• Hand Sanitizer and Toilet facilities will be available.

• We hope to be able to administer the Chalice and exchange the sign of Peace once the guidelines are eased.

• Our generous Offerings may be left by the Church Door.

• We may be asked to give contact details should `tracing` be required. All data will be safeguarded.