Facilities and features


The toilet is situated in the vestry and is accessible to wheelchair uses via the external door.

For large services the overflow parking is in a near by field.

The congregation and clergy have experience of and training in autism awareness.

There is a limited amount of space at the front of church available for people with limited mobility.

Large print hymn books are available

The congregation and clergy have experience of and training in Dementia awareness.

Our Building

The church stands triumphant on a mound surrounded by the graveyard and appears totally appropriate for its setting. The site is historically significant and is marked by the 9th Century Celtic Irton Cross which Pevsner describes “as one of the most important ones in Cumberland. The present church replaced an earlier one in 1856. Perpendicular in style it consists of a nave and chancel with a West Tower and is so typical of a small Victorian church. The Victorian passion for stained glass is reflected in the work of Burne-Jones and manufactured by Morris & Co. There are two examples of their work here showing St Paul, the Tiburtine Sibyl, St Agnes and St Catherine. The peel of eight bells is considered unusual.

Music and Worship

The peal of 8 bells is rung for festivals and celebrations. The tower is a small, friendly and committed group who are always looking for recruits to ring with them. Monday is practice night.

Groups, Courses and Activities

Help for Visitors

The church is always open, visit us any time. Movement sensitive lighting when you enter.

Other Features