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FACILITIES FOR THOSE WITH MOBILITY PROBLEMS, or with pushchairs and for those with hearing and sight impairments-
For those with wheelchairs and prams/pushchairs please use the shallow ramp half way along the church wall (NOT the steep old ramp at the church entrance or struggling with steps) which takes you straight to the south side door which is always unlocked when the church is open, and has a power access button, not the handle. Regrettably there is currently no access to the upper galleries for the chair bound, but there is a chair lift for the partly ambulant.
We have a loop system to aid hearing. At all services we have large print service books, pew sheets and hymn books on request.  Please indicate to our stewards if you need assistance on the 2 steps to the altar at Communion. Alternatively if you wish for Communion to be given to you where you are sitting just let any sidesman know. We have an accessible toilet in the vestry (open at service times only) but this may not be accessible for the largest powered chairs.