About Us


…whatever your beliefs - even if you find organised religion irrelevant,

…whatever your lifestyle or sexuality,

…wherever you may be on your faith journey, believer or agnostic, conventional Christian or questioning sceptic,

You are welcome…

…as a friend and an equal partner and we look forward to the ideas and experiences that you can bring,

We welcome…

…the varieties of ways in which human beings have explored the sacred, and acknowledge that here we promote just one approach to Christianity, 

We think ..

…it is vital to take seriously the intellectual problems that people have with Christianity and encourage ways of faith that feed the mind as well as the soul,

…that Christianity must be concerned with injustice and suffering and see ourselves as a people endeavouring to build a better world and bringing hope to all people regardless of race, creed or culture.

It is hard for those of us who know the Church and the way ‘it works’ to understand how hard it is for those who have their doubts, worries and concerns about coming to church. But we hope that we treat everyone as very special, as we are all VIP’s (Very Important People) to God.

So come...

You who have much faith and you who have little,

You who have been here often,

and you who have not been here for a long time – if ever,

You who have tried to follow,

and you who have failed.


not because I am inviting you;

it is our Lord...

It is His will that those who want Him

should meet Him here... Welcome!