Safeguarding Policy Statement

St Mary Without-the-Walls Church, Overleigh Road, Handbridge, Chester CH4 7BB

1. At St. Mary’s we recognise that children and young people are an important part of our Church life and that they have much to give as well as to receive. We will listen to them and will respect their wishes and feelings as we nurture them in worship, learning and in community life.

2. We adopt the principles of the Church of England's Safeguarding Policies for Children and for Vulnerable Adults as authorised by the House of Bishops.

3. We acknowledge that the Church has much to offer children and young people and the adults who care for them, and that our work with them is the responsibility of the whole Church. With this in mind we look to providing a safe, trusting environment in which all may grow in the love of God.

4. It is the responsibility of each one of us to prevent the physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children and young people and to report any abuse discovered or suspected. The approach is one of “informed vigilance”.

5. We are committed to supporting all those who work with children and young people in either a paid or voluntary capacity. This includes all matters relating to recruitment, supervision, training and review.

6. As a parish we are committed to good practice in Child Protection, following the guidelines and procedures set down by the Diocese, in partnership with the CCPAS (the Churches' Child protection Advisory service). This includes full compliance with the requirements set out by The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). All DBS disclosures (formerly known as CRB clearance) obtained on behalf of volunteers and children’s staff in the Parish shall be renewed every five years. The Child Protection Advisory Group for the Diocese is an additional source of support.

7. Volunteers and staff working with and alongside children and young people at St Mary's are expected to know and uphold the Good Practice Guidelines as recommended by the Diocese.

8. All Group Leaders will liaise with St Mary’s designated officer for safeguarding. The Incumbent is the St Mary’s PCC safeguarding representative.

The St Mary’s Designated Officer for Safeguarding is:

Ms. Gemma Parisi

+44 (0) 7754 894748

[email protected]

The St Mary’s Safeguarding Representative (PCC) is:

The Churchwardens

The Diocese of Chester Safeguarding Team:

Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser

Pauline Butterfield

01928 718834 x 221

07703 800031

[email protected]

Diocesan Safeguarding Training and Policy Officer

Stephen Ellis

01928 718834 x 261

[email protected]