Church of England Diocese of Chester Chester, Saint Paul with Saint Luke

14 February Sunday Service - Frontline 5

15 Feb 2021, midnight
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Where comments were put into the chat about how we can "spur one another on towards love and good deeds", they were as follows: 

P : Encouragement and prayer

Y : give love to someone, don’t forget to tell them you love them

J : remind each other to pray

C : saying encouraging things

R & D : Contacting people, praying for people

J: Recognising people's gifts

S and H: Tell people what you see in them that is of God

J and K : example of others doing good things

J : keep contact

G: enjoy a birthday treat online with grandchildren to encourage family in sharing love

M : lunch bunch

T & A : Do give deeds ourselves

V and P : ring someone to see how they are . Don't keep putting it off :)

G : advocate for groups being excluded

A: Look out for neighbours

D : not to be judgemental - be warm and open

C P : regularly ask if people are ok and listen to the answer

C P : Give them a hug

Y : be ready to give people time