Church of England Diocese of Chester Chester, Saint Paul with Saint Luke

21 Feb - Lent 1/ World Thinking Day/ Tenants of the King 1

22 Feb 2021, midnight
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Comments on the Trump tweet

Classic confusion of weather with climate

Idiot, Fake news

typical flat earther

Climate change measures will cost trillions to us all

no measures will cost even more eventually

More people die of cold than of heat!

Climate change not global warming

never mind the financial cost! Extinction of every living organism will be the fib

not true Paul from a global perspective. more die from famine from drought caused by climate change.

Stirring the pot

We’d be more sympathetic to oil and gas companies if they haven’t already spent a huge a mount of money on disinformation on climate change. They have behaved as the tobacco companies

Don’t politicians have a duty to educate the electorate?

those who are most impacted (children and yet to be born) by our actions can not vote. so politicians are serving the needs of those who won't suffer the worse consequences

We need an all of the above category

Comments on what we can do

all our contributions to reduce our carbon footprint however small are important. we can all make small changes to reduce it.

Taking action on climate change is like taking the Covid Vaccines, every little helps protect the community

Shouldn't we all try to be responsible consumers?

(On the subject of cycling not being ideal because of bad weather) put a waterproof on !!

consume less

waste less food


buy fewer new clothes

vote/support political parties dedicated to making systematic chnage

Jeff wants to wash less to save water on laundry. I don’t know if the rest of us can bear that

Walk more

buy locally produced food / grow more of my own

use eco clezning products

Fly less

use glass bottles not plastic!


Jeff please don't not even in lock down, have a heart for your family

Have no children us being here is the problem.

put a jumper on rather than the heating up

do not use single use plastic - invest in companies that promote this

educate our young people

keep being locked down ARGHH!

Web resources mentioned after the service didn’t get recorded, but what I know about was:

smol | laundry detergent delivered through your letterbox (

A Friendly Guide to being Eco – we have one world, why not try and save it! (

Various Bible reading courses for  Lent, including from Church of England and Tear Fund