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Sunday 28 February - Tenants of the King 2

3 Mar 2021, midnight
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Some comments from the chat:

We all need to become "Engineers". Engineers minimise raw material use, minimise wasteful bye-products and make things as efficiently as possible - and always have done!

as long as we educate our young people we have been active in promoting and encouraging looking after our world

working hard to decolonialize our curriculum in schools and universities is key

it's not fair to expect children to sort such a massive problem for future generations

each generation can make a difference

NATRE National Association for teachers of RE - is producing lots of resources to address anti-racism in schools

the UK doesn't produce enough food to feed us all

I agree we can’t leave the kids to sort out problems, but putting in the hard work ourselves to decolo

decolonialize our curriculum is part of our current activism.

buy the grapes as it means poor people will still have something but also try to buy fair trade grapes where possible, Also campaign for fairer conditions

Eating seasonal produce is a good thing to consider, don't be fooled into thinking you need year round strawberries...… silver lining is that it is often cheaper!

There is a problem with some fruits e.g. avocados which are a staple of the diet in some countries e.g. Mexico. Now that we in the west eat them it means that the price is inflated in countries where they are a staple of their diet.