About Us

St. Alban’s Tattenhall is 'A Church Without Walls'; a friendly church situated in the centre of the village. We are a growing Anglican Church where everyone is welcome. The message of God's love that Jesus brought is life-giving and transforming. We aim to share that love through our life together as a community. We would love you to come and visit us in person and we look forward to meeting and getting to know you. If you are wondering what Church is about and why people belong to Churches, come and see what we do. If you are feeling happy or sad, lonely or full of life, come and see…

St Alban’s website (www.tattenhallchurch.co.uk) is full of information on all our services and activities, along with regular updates on church news

The main pages, accessed by clicking the links on the left, give the basic information and dates of coming events.

If you click on the links to our Facebook and Twitter pages you will see photos of recent events.

If you want to speak to anybody to find out more, give Father Lameck a ring on 01829 770245.

Why not join us? A warm welcome is assured.