About Us

The Parish Church of St Peter’s Hale is part of the Church of England, a Christian community of and for all ages, in which everyone is welcome. Our aim is to grow together: in faith, in fellowship, in number. We grow together in Christ through our worship, certainly, but also through the many groups and activities we are fortunate to have, all of which everyone is welcome to join.

You may be new to St Peter’s or new to Hale - you, your family and friends are all very welcome. We are a busy parish where every person matters and every person is important to us.   

The church building is a beautiful, Grade II listed, late-Victorian church, set in attractive gardens on Ashley Road, in the heart of the village of Hale. Worship varies from the quiet traditional services of the Book of Common Prayer Communion and Choral Evensong to the very popular lively services for toddlers and their families.

St Peter's has an accomplished choir and a strong musical tradition. We have Junior Church and Messy Church for children and families each month. 

We are host to a variety of groups that meet regularly, such as Church Women's Fellowship (CWF), Bridge Club, a walking group (SPROUTS) and others. 

St Peter's is very popular for weddings and baptisms (christenings), and offers preparation and support to those preparing for these important life events.

St Peter's has a mixed-age congregation, and works closely with other local churches.