About Us

Come here to find the love of God at the heart of Bollington. We aim to have Sunday Worship which connects us with God, is open to all, not pretentious or perfectionist, very friendly and joyful, a breath of fresh air of the Holy Spirit, very much an approach that reflects Bollington. We love to have a brew and a good natter afterwards. 

Come here to find out more about what it can mean to live life with God as part of it. We do nurture courses and events to help you learn more and have more confidence in faith. You will build friendships and it will bring new meaning and purpose to your life.

If you live in the parish of Bollington, this is your church. You are entitled to be married here, be christened here, have your funeral here. We will really enjoy helping you create a special day.  You can come here once a year or every week. Here you will find the love, joy and peace of God who knows you and reaches out to you. 


The Church of St Oswald was consecrated for the worship of God on 22 October 1908 as part of the worldwide Christian Church and as a companion to both St John the Baptist Church (consecrated in June 1834) and Holy Trinity Mission Church in Kerridge (dedicated in January 1898). 

St Oswald's is now designated as Bollington Parish Church, following the closure and sale of St John's in 2003. Since September 2009, we are now joined together as one Church of England congregation here in Bollington, following the closure and sale of Holy Trinity Mission Church in Kerridge. 

Wherever we gather for worship, our aim has always been to serve the people of Bollington within the Church of England Diocese of Chester and the Deanery of Macclesfield, alongside our Christian brothers and sisters of other denominations in our local community.

For more about our parish life, please go to http://www.stoswaldbollington.org.uk/