Church of England Diocese of Chester Bollington

About Us

The Church of St Oswald was consecrated for the worship of God on 22 October 1908 as part of the worldwide Christian Church and as a companion to both St John the Baptist Church (consecrated in June 1834) and Holy Trinity Mission Church in Kerridge (dedicated in January 1898). We celebrated our Centenary with a grand Edwardian banquet and the Bishop of Chester conducted a Service of Confirmation as well. We also raised funds to buy 120 comfortable modern chairs and paid for the transfer of the beautiful carved altar and the war memorial to be rehomed in St Oswald's from St John's Church. The children of our two Church Schools also created a splendid banner for the centenary with the vision of St Oswald captured in the words: "Be Strong and of Good Courage!"

St Oswald's is now designated as the Parish Church, following the closure of St John's in 2003. Since September 2009, we are now joined together as one Church of England congregation here in Bollington, following the closure and sale of Holy Trinity Mission Church in Kerridge. Wherever we as Anglicans gather for worship, our aim has always been to serve the people of Bollington and Kerridge, within the Church of England Diocese of Chester and the Deanery of Macclesfield, alongside our Christian brothers and sisters of other denominations in our local community.

Our main Sunday service is normally Holy Communion at 10.30am.

COVID-19: Currently the only service each week is the 10.30 service of Holy Communion on Sundays. It may be necessary to register in advance. No refreshments will be available after the service. Please check our website for the latest information.

We welcome all people of goodwill who wish to join us in worship, companionship and service of God the Holy Trinity who came to dwell amongst us as Jesus Christ, the one who gave us the pattern of how we should live as human beings created in God's image and who continues to offer the grace of renewed energy and purpose in the light and hope which radiates from the Easter Candle. We pray that together we may continue to work effectively for peace, justice, equality and truth. 

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