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Video of Marton Church

19 Jan 2021, noon
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From the Youtube video description by James Balme, 'Welcome to episode 2 of our  3rd series of 'History Walks' filmed at the medieval St James' & St Paul's church in Marton, Cheshire. In this episode entitled 'A Medieval Treasure of Marton' see for yourself this wonderful timber framed church dated to 1343 and join me as I take a tour of this archaic religious site and show you the wonderful history and treasures within including the stone effigies of the 14th century Davenport family, the medieval religious 'Doom' wall paintings and two beautiful oil paintings depicting the Ten Commandments amongst other artefacts... We also fly high above the the church giving you a great perspective of this archaic religious site from the air and allowing you to see how it blends into the open countryside that surrounds the church. I would like to express my gratitude to the Rev. Ian Archer for his support in making this film and for allowing access into the church without which this film would have not been possible.'

Click here to see the video.