Our building appeal

It wouldn't be a church without an appeal would it! Well, perhaps unusually, it is not the roof that is the problem. While the church looks in good condition, underneath there are significant problems. The oak frame which makes our building so unique and precious is in need of significant restoration work, which will not be cheap. In addition we need to do some work on the windows, improve the heating, replace some electrics – and if we can afford it provide kitchen and toilet facilities. We would also like to improve access, and are working towards a better presentation of our church and village history for those who visit. Unsurprisingly, we're appealing for help to fund some or all of this.

In total, we are looking at an amount of £500,000, which will hopefully be covered to a large extent by grant funding; but we will need to raise a significant amount in addition to this. If you can help, please get in touch.