Church of England Diocese of Chester Marton

COVID-19 Pandemic information

Covid infections are rising significantly across the country. Please note our current guidelines for precautions in our churches:

1) Please be aware of the symptoms of Covid (not last year's old-variant pre-inoculation symptoms). The top five symptoms now are: Headache, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, loss of smell. There are many other possible symptoms. If you feel unwell ill, please get a test before coming to church.

2) Masks are again obligatory. As we now know that Covid spreads mainly through the air we breathe out, masks are known to reduce the risk to others significantly.

3) We are trying to keep an area in churches where social distancing is possible for those who wish to maintain this.

4) Churches are generally well ventilated. i.e. draughty! Where possible we are keeping doors open during worship to clear the air. This may become more difficult as the days get colder.

5) Sharing the peace. Not everyone is ready to be shaking hands yet, but some are. It is up to individuals of course, so please be respectful of one another.

6) Communion is currently being shared with a drop of wine being placed on each bread wafer. We are planning to reintroduce the common cup for receiving the wine for those who wish, when it is advised that it is safe.

7) Hand sanitiser will continue to be available in church for those who wish to make use of it.

Please do be attentive to others as we do our best to move on sensibly.