Church of England Diocese of Coventry Harborough Magna

Mothers Day All Saints Flower Fairy at Work

22 Mar 2020, 12:15 p.m.
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Yes, Norman our flower fairy has been out and about delivering some floral cheeriness on behalf of All Saints Church.

Normally we would have a Mothering Day Service but obviously all services are cancelled. However in line with CofE advice we are keeping the church open during the day from 10 to 4 for anyone wanting to spend time in a quiet calm space. I am disinfecting door handles and light switches on opening up and we have hand washing facilities as you enter.

The majority of our church members are in the 70+ age range (including the flower fairy!) so should be self isolating however as I'm only a youthful sixty-something I can offer to help anyone who might have a practical need eg change a light bulb and I do also have an assortment of bulbs in stock.

In All Saints Church we have photo albums of village events in happier times and I'm considering posting some of these Eg there are some children celebrating Easter in 1986 - some 34 years on I don't think there would be any data protection/ child protection issues for these people?

We will be putting a lighted candle in the window at 7pm.