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Letter from the Vicar

Dear Friends

At some point after the closing of the General Election Polling Stations on the 4th July we will have a new Government elected. Whilst the polls are predicting a landslide victory of epic proportions for one particular party, ultimately it will be the democratic casting of a vote by each person that is participating who will decide on the policies and promises being put before us and who we feel is fit to govern. Our prayer is that whoever wins the election will honour their promises to work to create for all people to be able to flourish in a fair, just, inclusive, peaceful, compassionate and safe nation.

Casting our vote is the first step in our commitment to sharing as citizens in the building of a society, community, environment, and world, that reflects values of care for our neighbour and challenge of injustice, oppression and poverty. Our vote may not elect the candidate or Government that we wanted, but that does not mean that we should spend the next five years feeling aggrieved or disillusioned. No Government or politician is perfect, but we do owe them our resolve to work together for the well-being of all people and the collegiality of our nation, whilst holding to account the need for honesty, integrity, justice, accountability, and truth in the way politicians make their decisions and acknowledge their errors.

Whether you are fan of sport or not the 33rd Olympic Games that will be held in Paris from 26th July to 11th August will see athletes from across the five continents of the world competing, inspiring as they do, people everywhere to think about their health, well-being, potential and how sport can unite people in pace and solidarity. Everyone who participates is a gold medalist just by being there and taking part, and in listening to their stories of personal sacrifice, resilience, overcoming challenges and struggles, they put some of our concerns and situations into context.

The Olympics build bridges and unites people together- that can be the beauty of sport. It is easy to look at the problems of life, to fear for what might happen, and to lost trust and confidence in our ability to find strength and overcome, but God’s desire, and that of our family and friends is to encourage, comfort, give hope and to look for the horizon and the hope that a new day can bring.

July 4th might bring an electoral landslide, more of the same, or where the electorate show they have little confidence in any Party to govern. Whatever the outcome, may we pray for our nation and our world and play our part in shaping a future that we can feel proud to be a part of, one where we build up rather than undermine, serve, rather than leaving it to the politicians.

If you are having a break during the summer do enjoy it.

Every blessing