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Letter from the Vicar

Dear Friends

The Government roadmap out of lockdown has been revealed we see early in March schools returning, followed with a step by step opening up of retail and leisure and gradual opportunities to meet outside with people from other households. This will all be driven by the national and regional indications of the reduction in virus transmission and hospital admissions. We are all looking forward to the time we can move more freely, see loved ones and go away, and whilst there may be some frustration that things will take time to return to something looking like near normal, we want to avoid another lockdown and third phase, and so have to be patient for a little longer as the vaccinations continue at a pace.

As we begin to turn to think about the future, so we begin to tentatively make some plans, in our head at least, about what we are looking forward to doing for the first time in a year and how we might feel when there are fewer restrictions. I suspect that we won’t go mad and rush out and spend some the money that has been saved with shops closed, or necessarily head for the first available holiday destination, paying perhaps over the top rates.

Instead, it might be moving gently through the transition that the roadmap offers, appreciating that each step is one forward into positivity and appreciation that we have got through one of the most difficult and challenging times for us and begin to shape what the `new normal’ is going to look and feel like, recognising that we all have a part to play in such shaping.

What have we learned as a community, a family, an individual, about ourselves, our needs, our priorities and about one another? Where we have experienced suffering, physically, emotionally and mentally, how can we find the understanding and healing that we need that will show our strength, resilience and ability to turn adversity, sadness and our learning into something positive that will make our lives more fulfilled, meaningful and selfless? We must not be tempted to think that once this is all over, we can get back to living and forget the last year? We all have stories and experiences to work through, share and grow from and it is important that we give time and space to do this.

The Christian Church is observing the Season of Lent during March and rather than this just being a time to give up chocolate, alcohol or similar, it is an opportunity to thinking about our relationship with God and with each other. God’s image of love is in each one of us, whether we have a faith or none and this love is so strong and indelible that God is prepared to suffer the death of his Son, Jesus, in order to heal the fracture caused by human activity that is counter active to God’s will that we love one another without condition and with compassion, love and service.

Covid 19 has highlighted the fractures within our society and the fragility of human health and mental well-being and as people face long recovery times from their physical catching of the virus, so we also will face a long time of working through the effects upon our lives and relationships in order to find the seeds that will enable us to flourish again and realise the potential that God sees in each and every one of us. May you know God’s strength and peace as you do this. Every blessing. Canon Tony

Services at Bakewell Parish Church-

On Sundays at 9.45am there is a Live Reflection and Prayer with Canon Tony on Facebook Bakewell All Saints and at 10.30am there is an open to all Benefice Holy Communion Service at Bakewell Parish Church. This is live streamed on the Facebook page as well.

Both are available by Sunday teatime on

On Sunday March 14<sup>th</sup> March we will be reflecting Mothering Sunday during the 10.30 am Service

On Sunday 28<sup>th</sup> it is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week.