Church of England Diocese of Derby Buxton with Burbage and King Sterndale

About Us

A large, light and airy Georgian church building
with fabulous acoustic properties is home to a
varied congregation of locals and visitors alike,
but all who come share a longing to worship God in a
liturgically formal style with plenty of top class
music from our experienced and talented choir and

St Johns Church, 1811,

If curious then peek inside,

Perhaps you'll see a glimpse of heaven,

Architecture sanctified!

A creative choir you will find here,

they offer God inspired praise,

Choral music through the year,

Singing voices, hearts ablaze.

Cathedral-like so all are welcome,

Visitors or living near,

You'll find a seat where’re you come from,

Drink in the sacred atmosphere.

So, if you're searching for some answers,

Think the truth might be out there,

Need some space for contemplation,

Step inside - this is our prayer!