Church of England Diocese of Derby Buxton with Burbage and King Sterndale

St. Annes


The Church continues to be alive and active, but our buildings must close

We are seeing a huge increase in the number of people falling sick with COVID-19. We must distance ourselves from one another and prevent the spread of infection in order to save lives.

Therefore, as well as public worship being suspended, all church buildings in the Church of England are now closed.

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">Our worship of God and our care for each other continue but cannot be done in this building. You can visit our website or our Facebook Page (buxton Team Parish) for up to date prayers, reflections, liturgy for worship at home, and instructions on how to get in touch with us if you need any help or support.</span>

St Anne's is the Church for reflection and peace

Where life starts to slow, our burdens released

Come here for confession or come for a rest

Consider what's been and then pray for what's next

This hidden retreat, you'll be greatly surprised

With the radiant beauty and history inside

A time to discover this small, holy space

A chance to receive of God's riches and grace

Get in touch

Reverend Liz England

The Parish Office 29 Bath Road Buxton SK17 6HJ

Our website

Holy Communion

Every Sunday at 8 a.m. for 50m

Bath Road

Holy Communion from the Book of Common Prayer. In a building where people have prayed for centuries, this is a service for people who like to keep continuity with those saints down the ages.

Book of Common Prayer